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Terrorists In Love by Ken BallenNEWS

NPR's Fresh Air: 'Terrorists In Love': The Psychology Of Extremism

Boston Globe:
The Private Lives of Terrorists

The Washington Post: Terrorists in Love

Foreign Policy
: Terrorists In Love

The Huffington Post: Terrorists In Love

CNN: The Continuing Story of the Living Suicide Bomber

: How Terrorists See The World

Urban Times: A Ground-Breaking Book

The Sunday Times features Terrorists in Love: “The Deadly Love of Romeo and Juliet Jihadists.”

The San Jose Mercury News
and The Sacramento Be have picked Terrorists in Love as one of the top non-fiction books released this fall, calling it "a disturbing, intimate look inside another world."

The Daily Mail:
“Sexual repression and rejection turns young idealists into terrorists”

St Louis Post Dispatch:
Book tells stories of when romance drives terrorism

South China Morning Post:
"Terrorists in Love's behind-the-scenes digging and socializing make for wild, weird entertainment ...Gripping"

Voice of America: Terrorists in Love
Examines Islamic Radicals

The Australian
: Jihadi and Juliet turn to terrorism when love life fails

Publishers Weekly
has picked Terrorists in Love as one of Top Ten Politics Books for The Fall.


Al Jazeera America, August 27, 2014

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Al Jazeera America, 2014

CNN–April 25, 2013

MSNBC–April 23, 2013

Inside the Minds of Jihadis
— November 19, 2013
Author Ken Ballen of “Terrorists in Love” explores the many reasons that drive young men, such as Abu Zubaydah, to join Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

War Room–April 22, 2013

WJBC - The unexpected roots of Islamic extremism
Steve Fast interviews Ken Ballen on WJBC radio

Ken Ballen - WGN Radio, 7/28/12 

Bill chats with Ken Ballen author of Terrorist in Love

WGVU Broadcasting, 7/ 23/2012
Author Ken Ballen discusses his book “ Terrorists in Love: True Life Stories of Islamic Radicals”.

Terrorists in Love, New Hampshire Public Radio
Former federal prosecutor Ken Ballen spent five years interviewing more than one hundred Jihadi terrorists in Saudi Arabia. He turned these encounters into.

15 with the Author, 7/9/12, KYMN Radio
This week Teri talks with:  Ken Ballen a former Federal Prosecutor who convicted international terrorists. 

The Bob Edwards Show, 2/19/12; NPR

NPR's Fresh Air

Interfaith Voices:
Inside the Minds of Muslim Extremists

WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show:
Terrorists at Heart

PRI's The World
: An Author's Quest to Understand the Mind of Terrorists

KRON4 interview: AM/Northwest interview:

KING TV interview:

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Coffee and Markets Podcast: The Real Lives of Islamic Radicals

Peter Bergen interviews Ken Ballen
about Terrorists In Love:

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